Acer homepage Acer notebook section. You can also use it as a small multimedia machine, as it can handle p content as well, even streamed via HDMI. Thanks in advance and keep up the good job! With the help of the new HD M within the 1. The benchmark results are consistently beyond those of the Acer Aspire T or the Travelmate , which belong to the preceding series. Trackpad is placed bellow the keyboard.

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The connectivity is on par with netbooks. Of course, when gaming or running resources hungry applications, the back will acre quite warm and there will be a lot of hot air vented through that left side cooling vent. We measured a maximum of However, the additional components have to be considered, which in return relativize the difference. The Consumer Ultra Low Voltage CPUs with a low power consumption and moderate computing performance have been replaced by regular processors of the latest Arrandale generation and thus promise a high measure of potential performance gain.

How well you can cope with that varies individually. In return, the adapter of g has gained weight significantly, which reflects the increased power consumption under full load.

With the help of the new HD M within the 1. So, details like letters are bigger.

Review Acer Aspire TG Timeline X Notebook – Reviews

It shortens the routes and increases the rates at an overall lower power consumption. You can also use it as a small multimedia machine, as it can handle p content as well, even streamed via HDMI.


Like I said above, this TimelineX Color space Aspire TG s vs. You’ll have to make the one or other compromise, but the 13 incher is an alternative worth considering in any case. This may first be hard to believe in view of the configuration. You should know that there are a couple of different Acer TG versions available on the market. Balancing Artist The latest version of the successful Aspire Timeline Series has a basically 3820tgg interior and particularly wants to score with customers through more performance.

Mike November 8, acrr 1: Due to the active, integrated Intel HD graphics, the Timeline TG has the attribute of working very quietly under low load. The workmanship and material quality have a high quality, but then again, it’s dimmed by the yielding and coiling keyboard.

The workmanship is good. For those of you on the run, you can start with the Pros 382t0g Cons below. We’ve comprehensively reviewed Acer’s success in this undertaking.

It feels nice, is quite precise and supports all kind of multitouch gestures. So getting rid of the unnecessary programs should be quite fast, probably around 30 minutes or so. Large display-sizes allow higher resolutions.

Our black test sample has a fine structure in aluminum look on the display lid and in the wrist-rest area. Hard disks with a higher rotation rate of rpm or solid state drives could provide a higher data rate.


Product support

Differences are quite noticeable in power and battery life. It looks great when it hasn’t been used, but is covered quickly with ugly fingerprints. However, it’s first real fun in reduced quality and resolutions with 35 fps. Generally, Acer has been successful in balancing performance and mobility with the Timeline X TG.

Acer Aspire TimelineX 3820TG review – power and style

I’m primarily using such devices and have been testing them for many years now. Acer’s 13″ subnotebook is popular among gamers, but does it really pack enough processing and graphics-rendering power in such a small case? The performance configuration of the current series goes far beyond that of what we’ve come to know from the preceding models.

This weight is typical for very big tablets, subnotebooks, ultrabooks and convertibles with a inch display-diagonal. There are dozens of Acer 3820gg reviews per month, the ratings are average as of