All other values will already be set. Firmware software upgrade via the Advanced Settings Web interface. For your convenience, definitions of a number of frequently used applications have already been added to your router by AirTies. When the fields are tabbed through beyond the existing list, a new row is automatically created like a Microsoft Word table behavior. Check the information on your VoIP operator’s website for prepaid minutes. To add devices that will be blocked from accessing the WAV

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If you had previously selected a service provider, all settings for that service provider will be deleted! SPI monitors the protocol and packet addresses being received to determine if the information should be passed through the firewall to the connected computers.

Note that a wireless USB adapter supporting Mbps e.

For this reason, your connection to the device will be lost and you will need to reconnect to make the installation settings. For good voice quality, the minimum connection speed recommended is Kbps. You can download the most recent firmware file from the AirTies website www.

AIRTIES WUS-300 125Mbps Wireless USB Adapter

You call using your regular phone. How do I reset the WAV to factory settings?


Refer to for help with the VoIP service provider selection and their tariffs. WEP is an earlier wireless security protocol. If you are not connected to the Internet even though the lights are green, contact your ADSL service provider.

The information that is needed in the WAV configuration is as follows: All AirTies wireless products and the newly introduced This amount is too small to fill your quota. The next screen will show that you have successfully registered. You will have to enter these values in the WAV settings.

Wireless ADSL2+ VoIP Router |

Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape. Enter the handwritten digits you see in this field. If an access rule is defined by MAC address, the rule defined for the device will be valid even if the local IP address changes.

In the window that appears select a Security level and enter an encryption key in the password field. If Port Forwarding is defined for that port, the incoming traffic is redirected to a machine inside the local network that has only a local IP address.

Wireless ADSL2+ VoIP Router

In a one hour phone call, you will be downloading approximately 10 MB. The same channel should be selected on all devices in the wireless network. To add the devices that will be permitted airtkes access the WAV Unless you need a special setting, it is recommended that you leave the choices as they are. Dynamic Routing Dynamic Routing eliminates the delivery risk that is present in Static Routing if the defined route to a destination has problems.


The Windows hardware wizard will automatically automatically try to install the driver for the device as airfies in the figure below.

AirTies WAV Modem Kurulumu – YouTube – tubemate downloader –

These numbers can be local, long distance or international, but each of them must be using a WAV Firewall Settings A firewall is the primary method for keeping a computer secure from intruders. You can hsb the installation settings in one of two ways: If dust buildup should occur, use a dry cloth to remove the dust. The search is incrementally done as you type characters into the text box. The following table shows the possible states indicated by the Waf-140.

The Ethernet interface is Mbps full dublex.

Please note that the adapter is V only.