We think if the guest signal was eliminated we would have a stronger signal. The only adminitration tool in the modem is for changing your password. This seems to have helped. I believe that’s the problem with Ambit modems from other threads. So I experimented and place a pencil under the unit to facilitate airflow thru the vents. I first turned both the modem and the router off.

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Off — no connectivity between the Ethernet port on the wireless cable modem and the Ethernet port on a PC Flashing — the wireless cable modem is transferring or receiving data over the Ethernet cable On — indicates connectivity between cabble Ethernet port on the wireless cable modem and the Ethernet port on a PC. Keith Jenkins September 23,8: JB August 8, About a month ago, I exchanged my Ambit for a Motorola Surfboard at my local TW center and the internet drops immediately went away as I was also a victim of this when Powerboost started in my area.


Notes and Useful Information Installation Manual.

Hence, why they lock up. Mo torola surfboard SB Thank you so much for your advised! Rex Sindt January 3,1: Enet, sync, power, ready and receiving light all working.

Cable Modem Troubleshooting: Ambit U10C

My cable modem logs during the lock up and after power cycling: I had to resort to using an FTP app on my Droid smartphone just to be able to do my job during these times: I wonder if my local office will have it too if I need to swap it. Rob — Correct, re: Dedicated cable cured the problem. Off — no connection has been established On — the wireless cable modem has established a downstream channel. They shouldn’t be having UCD and channel problems.

I purchased mine, and just called in to swap MAC ids. This has happened 4 or 5 times now in the past 2 weeks.

The best way to determine it is an Ambit modem is to read the lights left to right. Surfboards have a standby light and if set, will cble the modem to have no connectivity. Aaron M to antdude Member Nov 5: Where do I go from hear? January 14,7: Cable Modem Information Cable Modem: Im a little sonfised about this….


Is there a way to actually make changes to the firmware, as in a Linksys Modm I don’t want to side-track this thread. I have the RR business class teleworker package.

Ambit U10C018 Modem

The logs are less detailed than the Ambit. One neat little feature that I like is that you can reboot the modem right from the GUI.

Derwood2 to antdude Premium Member Cablw 2: Friend bragging about 10 year old car with really low mileag [ Automotive ] by IowaCowboy My problem is my upload is almost non-existent at night direct uploads won’t work, and upload tests won’t even start.

No lock up and I didn’t have to do anything.