This attack is identical to Bossonova, with a few key differences. Bullets are randomized in Elemental and Shadow, so it’s possible to get all Shadow or all Elemental from this attack. Spiral Knights Store Page. You are a gunslinger, not a tank. The user will receive Minor Stun after finishing.

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Lower damage, but has a Medium damage bonus against Fiends, Gremlins, and Slimes. I am very curious to find out which is indeed better single target damage.

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And that peaxemaker is using a big monster that doesn’t ever die, due to game mechanics this can all be thrown off. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. It’s great for Firestorm Citadel and generally any trojans, and can be used against slower enemies like zombies and even the giant hordes of gremlins due to its crazy high damage.

In other words, choose a gun that suits you. Now, I used to be a Brandish user, along with using Chaos and Vog for my brandishes.

The Alchemer lines do incredible damage, but it requires good positioning and shot placement. I used a metronome to time these. About last week I managed to get all 3 damage swords grand flourish, avenger, faust and I dare say I can handle just about everything in tier 2 now. Both charges will readily fling Mecha Knights halfway across the room.


Auto target simply “tweaks” your aim by a few degrees when your cursor is NEAR an enemy. Keep in mind this is not taking shoot-pausing into account. Thanks for the watch. Freeze resist instead of Stun. So maybe I am getting a bit more interested into alchemers now Untitled by FreeSpirit59 faved: Storm has shock status, giving it something of a crowd-control ability, since the status can interrupt attacks and hold enemies in place briefly when they spasm.

Swiftstrike we can deal with because it’s awesome. Peaecmaker U Music player of choice: Then you could continue 2 normal shoot after charge or another charge. It’s a great all-around set for most enemy types. The charge essentially slams the sword into the ground in front of you for heavy damage and knockback.

Steam Community :: Guide :: A Gunslinger’s Guide

Jan 19, 8: As a result, they can be used to hit past shielded wheels in FSC, amongst other places. Same damage as Callahan, normal damage, more range, more interrupt, AND a nifty little thing called splash damage. Think of it as an explosive hand cannon,not a needle dual-barrel shotty. That is technically single target damage. After use, the user receives Strong Freeze and Strong Stun. Upload Your Game Our Publishing Program With our publishing program, we can help get your games to millions of users on multiple platforms!


With our publishing program, we can help get your games to millions of users on multiple platforms! I actually find the blaster a good weapon.

Showing 1 – 15 of 45 comments. Things about me, Spiral Knights version: Curse weakness and Med Poison, Fire and Shock weakness makes this something of a glass cannon helmet, but less so than Chaos, and with peacenaker speed bonus to boot.

Dread Venom Striker [wiki.