Distance was average, with the rare zinger mixed in there. And let me repeat, for those uninterested in scrolling up, this is the best driver I ever had. I was hitting off a mat into a net. I love the CG alignment aid. I must have hit about balls. I also wanted to post to share something I saw in the new Golf Magazine:

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Stiff would be the right one for you.

But I have the XL Tour, which is a slightly smaller head. Seems to sit very closed unless you clevelan it up to sit on the back sole of the head. Bought a demo XL 9. The scary thing is, the less power you give it, the further it seems to go. In my group one guy gets 50 yards more.

Cleveland HiBore XL Driver Reviews

A complete revalation, streets ahead of my old driver. I play a draw and could not deal with this club at all. One golfer said his normal draws turned into hooks but his buddy who is a slicer does wonders with the club and this guy was using the Burner tour model with an open face.


However, even though the XL Pro was considerably heavier it flew straight and true with a small draw and a piercing ball flight.

Club is in very good condition. Simply chose the payment option that works best for you.

I have no problem working this club on the tee box. Everyone seems to be buying the Burner. However, I currently have hiborf Taylor Made R I would have to say a stiff shaft if you really do hit Once I was comfortable with the clubs I hit each of them off the extreme toe and heel to see how they would perform.

I found the D-5 swingweight hard to practice with for any length of time due to my personal swing characteristics. How are trade values determined? The problem is that I hit the ball very high off the tee with the R and sometimes too much spin.

Cleveland HiBORE XL and XL Tour Driver Review

Bottom line is that I love my new Hibore XL. I wish Cleveland would make a 17 deg fairway wood in the XLS technology; it would be a winner.

Cleveland has gone the extra step and has brought on Fujikura shafts as the standard for their clubs. This move has really made me loose confidence in the club itself. Just one more thing. This guy was bombing it with missle launches probably yards.


With the Cleveland my carry was β€” and I got way more roll, on average 25 β€” 30 yards, but sometimes up to 50 yards. I have the XLS Hopefully Hlbore can carry over the range success to the real thing β€” on the course!

I am a 10 handicap golfer who tends to hit everything high. For others it may be considered a bit of a hook stick.

Cleveland HiBORE XL and XL Tour Driver Review (Clubs, Review) – The Sand Trap

Mint Shows virtually no traces of wear and has been hit times total. Once you connect with this driver, it will fly a mile and it makes a fantastic sound as well. Cleveland Hi-Bore XL 9. I have never ever seen my drives go as straight as what this Hibore XL can do for me… unbelievable.