Most likely you’ll need to look over your settings on the panel. SMF – Just Installed! As others have stated in pervious posts, questions regarding the alarm panel are best suited for the diysecurityforum. Logged amesalarm Guest Re: I guess that he’ll add up the costs, and decide what he wants to do.

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Do i need to do any setup or programming for the siren??? Basement door has been opened I tried with all 1 to 6 zones. Seems that the has no on board sirsn, and the bell output is limited to a relatively small ma. The bell output is limited to mA continuous and up to 2 amps for a short term with a battery connected.

If you wish to add an Elk 44 speaker good choicedriven by an Elk driver, it will draw about ma. Ginz 18322 Expert Posts: It draws ma, when set for low.


OK lets sort the chime out first!

Posted In Designing Kitchens and Bathrooms. Check the current draw 12VDC before you purchase anything to make sure that you don’t exceed that ma limit.

Thanks you very much Strangely. Hydronic system keeps getting airlocked. I currently have one siren, came with the kit, on a DSC I am well aware. soren

Probably not though based on our daily use of the DSC panels. The driver connects to the bell output terminals. As for the 44 Watt siren, check the manufacturers specifications on how much current it draws in alarm.

No Siren and issues on DSC

Hi Garrett, Thanks for the reply The tamper switch shorts -R to ground when all is good sireh closed loop. No Siren and issues on DSC Please login or register.

Gushing water in heating pipes. Your total current draw will be 1. Pump controlled by zone valve control or actuator.

DSC Additional siren

You probably asked them too many questions OK good the Siren works! Please login or register.


Smart Sirne, made easy. If that’s the case, and your current speaker is functional The current draw of a “siren” is not calculated by ohms law as it just doesn’ apply to these items. As others have stated in pervious posts, questions regarding the alarm panel are best suited for the diysecurityforum. I just scanned the manual.

Connecting an external siren to a DSC 1832

Now we’re talking about an output that makes more sense 2A. I’ve got a lot of info to digest.

Strangely, I did posted the questions on DIY but no response Blower Turns Off With Gas. I would start by trying the system test, which should test the siren.