But way too many negative reviews on that product for me to spend that kind of cash on right now. I sent it back for RMA and haven’t had a chance to test out the fragfx V2. The mouse tracking was defective right out of the box, all the buttons work except mouse movement. Varied mouse button surface textures to distinguish between buttons and provide better grip and less slip. In the event firmware upgrades are needed, they will be provided for free and instantaneously by simply downloading them directly from www. I’m probably going to consider a fragnstein because of their good customer service and frequent firmware update unlike splitfish. Improved directional padRapid-fire can be mapped to a variety of mouse buttons and can be turned on and off on the fly from in-game.

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FragChuck has full range of adjustable 6-Axis motion control.

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World at War, Killzone 2 and Resistance 2 as well as future front line releases. Jan 19, at 4: WideloadJan 15, My review is on Google search first page or click the URL below After doing some shopping, it seems that in the stores I checked the v2 is more pricey than the v2. They are not well made and I figure every hours gameplay I need a new one.


May 3, Messages: I’ve tried and its super jerky to the point that it unplayable.

This topic is locked from further discussion. I used to game primarily on the PC, then started leaning towards consoles for a number of reasons.

By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of frabfx. I only use splitfish controllers and they are analog just like the Dualshock.

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I purchased the dual sfx frag pro from ncix when the product first came out. Jan 20, at 3: I can order it from any number of nearby relative – i live on an island stores. StormLoaded i have fravfx insane speed issue as well on occasions and thought it maybe caused by me using it on a 5 meter USB ext cable.

Thanks for the advice.

Over the past year, SplitFish has painstakingly re-engineered and turbocharged the key performance features of the FragFX V2 system to ensure maximum playability and performance for PS3 gamers of all levels. Seems to be more common than I thought I would say the build quality isn’t the best. With the frag button I feel like I am super accurate.

Larger mousepad for a wider range of motion for mouse tracking and aiming. I understand on a technical level how it is trying to translate a mouse to a joystick, so some of the minor things that make it not feel just like a pc i can deal with and understand. Overall, I would give the product a solid 8. WideloadFeb 10, I think Splitfish have shot themselves in the foot with this one.


The fragnstein is hard to find for me, the splitfish is not however. And in socom making minor adjustments when I got the drop on someone to ensure a head shot.

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I received the replacement unit on Monday and tried it out abit and used it for a few hours last night as well. I’ll give the fragnstein a try when they have some in stock and I get some extra cash to spend.

This has me torn. After downloading the tweak utility and playing around with the settings, I was very disappointed with a few flaws that came with the product. I then stopped pursuing that as a frayfx time occupation but still did some fraagfx, including running my own modded game server for several years, but since about ’03 I have done little that the public knows about.

They don’t have a section for the firmware downloads, just a plain page frafx some pdf’s. Not comes my little hard to make choice: