Please change the paths to the ones you use on your system. Preconfigured is the IP ” Microsoft was also busy working on the applications that should become the corner stones of its success: The only one missing is the configuration file ” NET. Please write if you find out more.

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As already explained, this should be the hexadecimal value 0x60 per default. This era ended when Microsoft introduced Windows Please look up Novell’s or Microsoft’s websites and archives for more information about installation and configuration. As this is a wiki now, up welcome anybody who wants to add something and continue this work.

CFG ” and is basically the same in both versions.

It would be a good idea to name it after your own network card. MS Client Set up a shared folder on your Host. Remove the old configuration files.

FreeDOS Networking with Virtualbox 4.x

To connect with Filezilla open the Site Manager and add a new site. It comes with uncompiled applications, compiled versions can be downloaded here.


In the example above the driver is loaded into high memory by using the command ” LH “. This will be explained in the next chapter. dreedos

Install FreeDOS with MS Client | FreeDOS images for VirtualBox

The first section [protman] defines the Protocol Manager. If it doesn’t exist, create it. As you see in the figure above, the MLID communicates directly with the hardware of the network interface card. See the documentation for more possibilities.

Install FreeDOS 1.2 with MS Client 3.0

FreeDOS Like option 3, but with a loaded packet driver and the network available. A copy of the license can be found here: WATT32 ftpsrv32 doesn’t need a password. The first chapter is about the history of DOS networking, which mostly happened in the years to Networking applications preinstalled are: To connect to a network you need some physical device to allow a connection between your PC and the network. Please set the name of your workgroup in the following lines of C: This text reflects my own experiences with DOS networking.


In our example this is EL3C The first packet needs more time again, the third is received in reasonable time.

There is a developer forum which is still active. So be careful to have a firewall or a router between the machine and the internet! Networking DOS wasn’t Microsoft’s top priority.

This determines the number and size of the receive buffers of the LSL. Copy the two files EMM CFG with a line: CFG These are example values: This page has been accessedtimes. MS-Client Please set the name of your workgroup in the following lines of C: It’s quite a good feeling to have this accomplished now. Especially exchanging files with the host is tricky.