If you look up to a moron like this you will someday share the same fate and the world will be better for it! Then your stupidity wont show through your keyboard… god you must be dumb if its that easy for you…. You could be hit by a drunk driver one day when your walking across the supermarket parking lot, or catch a bullet in some kind of gun fight. JJ get lost u balding a. He always succeded in being in the right place at the right time, without collision. Why is it that murderers who kill and rape with no warning whatsoever get to live and be sent to prisons that are better then some motels, but you want a religious, charismatic and flat-out skilled person to die?

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Georgian BMW M5 Street Drifter Giorgi Tevzadze Reportedly Dies in Crash

What a moron and idiot, really got what he deserved. Died young and fast. December 28, at 7: I knew of guys that miraculously survived once, then crashed again and killed innocent people. Much respect to this tiorgi drifter.


Hey guys roads are dangerous, to be a street drifting has to be able and have the maximum safety of yours and others on the road and most importantly the safety belt. There is no such thing as God, heaven, or hell. You put safety before confidence and skill. Anyone who says he should have or asked to die should probs go stab them self in the eye with a fork!!

Not relevant, I was bald at How do you know he never caused a accident,you dont do you? Next time atleast know what your gonna talk shit about. That is fucking hilarious!

December 28, at 9: Your a cunt, anyone who talks like this should rot in hell, not him. Death is not diserved not for driving!!!! And he punish the ass holes!!

Electric vehicles are all the rage, but Hyundai is embracing fuel cells such as the Nexo. Kornaz V Vygintas Bobina. Prove they exist, or abandon your beliefs. December 28, at 8: P Giorgi, the best driver i have ever seen and probably the best i will ever see.

What kind of pig are you if i could see you now i would punch ur face giorvi to the ground!!!! Pussy, he did it for fundraising. He was probably a safer driver than the average teenage girl or pensioner.


Good or Nothing from a dead man. Can it demonstrate it in an actual drag race?.

Giorgi Tevzadze’s Last Drift Video Before His Tragic Death and an Eerie YouTube Message | Carscoops

He was not a hero. He put so many people at risk. Look guys, there is no need to completely disrespect the dead. One of the worlds best street driver. December 28, at 6: I hope it was painful!

I will come back on the W in a future review tevzadez the E How could tevzzadze be so stupid to drive like this without a seatbelt??? The man who died was talented and brave, a rare combination of qualities.