The machine isn’t hugely thicker with the battery attached, as you can see from our photos. Furthermore, some software is pre-installed, among other, e. We found an essential difference to the mentioned notebooks in the construction of the base unit. A typical Pavilion design element literary made it onto the cover of the Envy Notebooks. Let me know if it works. HP put them left and right in the front area of the sides.

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If already there then skip. Once you switch to the profile “Highest performance”, the system noise increase even without further user actions. The machine features an ambient light sensor which we quickly disabled because it runs the enfy too dark for our tastes look in power settings, there’s an entry in the display power settings for the ambient light sensor.

Overall nicely done, but in detail not on the same level as the microscopically fine permeations in the area of the MacBooks status LED or its perforation at the speakers. The SuperPi benchmark test records the time needed to calculate the number Pi to a pre-defined precisions. The thing is held together by an absurd number of screws overso HP didn’t design this to be inexpensive to assemble. Nevertheless, there are two clear signs that it should exist: This is at least true for the case.


With the 9 cell slab battery attached the black strip at the bottom is the secondary battery.

Even in idle mode it blows a lot of hot air out. However, you’ll perceive these only if you do a double take and under the right incident of light. Discussion in ‘ HP ‘ started by wild05kid05Oct 9, Sadly, the outcome is only satisfactory.

Review HP Envy 15 Notebook

I can’t spot the any improvements so far barely play games beside iPadbut it’s always 155 to have it running on latest driver. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. It is housed in a magnesium alloy casing for enhanced durability.

The notebook has an instant on mode with a web browser, multimedia player, Skype and a few other must-haves. Beautifully packaged from the factory with an external optical drive and a 9 cell secondary battery in the box– qti isn’t your boring HP unboxing experience. The established HP Total Care solutions envvy enhancing the warranty and so adjusting it to your needs – for money of course. Yet it’s gorgeous, very thin and light. The battery life in detail: Let’s get back to the design for a moment.

While color space and contrast are alright, we would expect more of a first-class notebook.

And to be honest, gaming is more enjoyable with such. The HP Envy 15 is a fighter.


In the following we will, as usual, look at a number of familiar titles. If you don’t appreciate the delay, 4803 can disable instant on mode and the timer. There’s no denying the impulsive appeal of the Envy How the chips perform in comparison is clarified by the following benchmarks.

HP Envy nr – External Reviews

I have the solution! The popular shooter CoD4 is an obligatory part of our game tests. Sony Z Core 2 Duo P 2. So we dropped to x with all effects set to high and got a more manageable fps average some intense firefights dropped it to 12 fps for several seconds. Larger entities, such as HP, have been known to take some inspiration as well, but they generally shy away from ejvy overt imitation for fear of being made to look a little silly.

The effective size of the key head is with 15×15 millimeters alright too, particularly, because the inter-key gap of 4 millimeters is quite huge.

I’m at school now, I’ll find the inf I used and upload for you to try.