The zoning does look solid. This addressing mode is required whenever more than 16 targets exist. New device files have been generated for the new iotree nodes. All nodes act as loop devices. For private loops the value is 8. This allows the use of alternate paths for high availability configurations. The HW path of a FC device comprises the following three parts:

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This simple but very clear app shows all the new posts from this site. If zoning is correct, you should see the WWN login to the array and be visible under Connectivity Status. This is a legacy product which should not be ordered anymore. Topologies A physical connection at a port yl/ts/xl2 of two separate fibers because FC is a serial protocol.

Two types of chassis enclosures: Hence a higher administration effort mostly in software is neccessary in order to establish a connection between two points in the network. GUI doesn’t respond after Device definition modification. The HW path of a FC device comprises the following three parts: Device that is connected over fibre channel host, cuannel array, bridge, …. To determine which version of the drivers is installed: All nodes in the loop can talk to each other but not to nodes outside of the loop.


Hewlett Packard Enterprise

EMC re-routed me to an cchannel sales guy so i have little hope they will get me anywhere. This table is created upon initialization of the link or when the first communication between host and device happens.

An access fairness algorithm may be used optionally in order to give all other nodes the possibility to arbitrate the loop befor the same node gets access again. The HPA of the device is then used as the Port portion of the iotree address. They are able to adapt automatically to changing environments and allow a higher number of participants.

Thin filament of glass. This hexadecimal value 10 bit is determined dynamically during initialization of the loop.

Find out Tachyon XL2 part number under HP-UX 11.11 / 11.23

However once networking opened things up the host registered and all the fc cards tachyoon in. Now the HP-UX host should be registered successfully. In a private loop configuration, the interface and target devices will reside behind this node. Typically ioscan will “tickle” it so it logs back in.


My first help post that is. When i try to add it manually it says it can connect. So you are good here as well. The fact that you are seeing LUNZ proves that connectivity is there.


A channel is typically used in situations where a high transfer rate is needed e. Internal database backup failure DP 7.

The ds can be upgraded from a standalone disk system to add-on storage for the HP Virtual Array. HBA Domain Area 8.

The device will be authenticated on subsequent logins. This allows the use of alternate paths for high availability configurations. There has been no change to the adapter path or the associated device file which is used for the fcmsutil diagnostic tool.


A value of 0 default will handle up to 64 FC ports. Please enter a title. A storage device or host that operates according to FC-AL protocol.