I’ve been searching about these drivers, I did find some great drivers from modders like number 1 and more. My ki has suddenly stopped sending SMS messages error message ‘send failed’ or receiving them. There is a petition with more than signature! Raider camera driver for K, K and K v6. Total of user reviews and opinions for Sony Ericsson K I really satisfy with its work..

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Can anyone give me any advice on this?


Does anyone have any suggestions because I am fed up of this phone I am having to use while I try and fix my own. Infinity, Far, EV compensation: Can anyone tell me what the changes are in this new update?

The phone can receive incoming calls, but that is it. I raidee hear the voice of other callers. Tried removing all patches re-flashing mainfs but still no luck.

K/Ki Modding Discussion Thread – Page 40

Its been a while and my phone died literally after it got into water! K series can support. Sep 11, I bought the Ki a few months ago.

I am sure I am doing things correctly because I do the same thing with camddriver c and it works fine. I bought the Ki camvriver few months ago. During this message I got a pop up message for Daylight savings update and I selected yes then back to the please wait message.

View 1 Replies View Related. I can’t figure out whether it’s fallen out, snapped off, been pressed to hard into the unit or what. Instead of holding dedicated button for camera to focus and then shoot pic, and since Rezound doesnt have dedicated button as far as I know, and not having ability to have option of holding the button half pressed down, it could be added virtualy on the screen, since i dunno are touchsreen pressure sensitive, probbably not yet – it could be solved by virtual buttons, like a unlocking the home screen – while holding the button, raidet focuses the pic OR previews the manual settings, and sliding it up or down or left or righ camdriiver shoots a pic.


I hgave recently bought and installed a Bluetooth dongle which interfaces with the Sony laptop quite well. Anonymous, 01 Jan plz dont compare a cyber shot with that fone.

I should mention now that I’m in roaming in Munich, Germany since three weeks, and my phone bills are payed on time, so it shouldn’t be an mobile operator problem. It is good to see the R name back and the larger profile of the R15 quickly sets it apart from the taller and more compact SLDR, even though k8000i are cc heads. By the way number1 c0me fr0m england. I am getting no sound from the speaker on my ki.



Normally, it should take days to reach that power level. Improvements and changes to this user guide necessitated by typographical errors, inaccuracies of current information, or improvements to programs andor equipment, may be made by Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB at any time and without notice.


I ca,driver a Ki phone apart to fix it, achieved the fix, and put it back together again. Update ur fone ki through Sonyericsson Update service known as seus Go to sonyericsson.

My mom has a sony ericsson ki and for few days she noticed that if she don’t answer the phone when calling then the phone number no longer appears to missed calls,no longer show any phone number if the call is missed,I’ve reset it but no change.

Sony Ericsson has thrown down the gauntlet with the 3. The sound does work on the ear phones, camdrivef the phone is not in silent mode. Is this normal from an update if you have experienced it? This is faider irritating especially when I’m writing texts.

Also u can upload other fone accoustic eg: My phone works fine for everything else apart from this.

Sony Ericsson :: Best Drivers For Modding My Ki?

If I can flash it, can someone tell me how, and provide me with all the softwares needed please? Ki How To Update Erom? Camrriver 1, Is there a patch to disable joystick and just use the keypad to navigate menus, phonebook, messages, gallery, etc. You need to reflash it to unlocked it.