Doesn’t sound too difficult you say? Well there are more than 10 video formats to choose from While the primary purpose of a TV-tuner is still to put that cable TV signal on your computer monitor, these products are definitely moving towards the role of video appliances. After recording you can get only to the Standby mode, which doesn’t look pleasing, especially after the Compro tuner. But I personally prefer the image on the Philips based tuners. The line-in is removed, and it’s possible to get the audio signal only through sound card’s AUX-in. About Us Employment Privacy Policy.

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According to your letters I underestimated this function. Here’s a brief comparison table For more detailed information see the description in pdf. Well there are more than 10 video formats to choose from BioShock Infinite and Metro: Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.


While the manual does cover the basic functions of the program and the remote, it offers no insight into several areas which will be important to users of the TVXP Expert. Video 3Digests Video cards: Just note that the Macrovision is unfortunately supported.


It’s not that convenient without previewing. While it does provide a hardware and software installation walkthrough, the booklet covers several different Leadtek TV tuner models, so it’s rather difficult to locate the correct diagram.

That is to say, they bring the video into the computer to be manipulated, or recorded, before being output to a monitor or TV. Sensitivity can be broadly changed. All the stations were utner, that is why the tuner has good sensitivity. Well, never too much of a good thing. But most users won’t notice such subtle nuances. Look at the default brightness and hue Isn’t leadtem curious? Let’s look at the distinguishing features.

Leadtek WinFast Tv XP RM TV Tuner | eBay

For the record, it’s ‘TV XP series model 3. Thus, the channels found coincided best of all at Sensitivity equal to 2. Also, I couldn’t find any signs of the Channel Surf function. The engineers at Leadtek seem to have problems with our TV network.

No mention of which Lfadtek media can or cannot be used, or whether rewritable media can be used. About Us Employment Privacy Policy. Privacy policy and Terms of Use.

Together with scheduled recording you are offered scheduled playback, you can set this function both for TV programs and external sources. While we blame the companies for using pre-latest versions, Leadtek supplies a very outdated one, which is deprived of even such functions as DVD playback from hard drive.


The one who can find “Open files” button can be considered a very observant person: But I personally prefer ledatek image on the Philips based tuners. The specs are standard. We didn’t get highs in the FM mode either.

For example, there is no information provided on the advantages and disadvantages of the various video capture formats the card offers. Conclusion This solution has both weak and strong points, and I don’t know what outweighs.

It’s for you to eladtek, see the highs and lows. Does this all sound too good to be true? The key remote is simple to operate and runs on two included AAA batteries.

Taking into account the company’s reputation, I do not doubt that it won’t have problems in funding buyers for the Leadtek WinFast TV Expert.