Wish you guys best luck! AGP declaration around 33 lines 12d. I’ll compare my computer with yours once more. Apple is pretty good about making their new versions of OSX run well on older hardware, so not sure if the x is an issue with Snow Leopard. If your laptop can handle those default drivers, that’s all you need to do. I didn’t install Chameleon on MBR, and alwas boot from the boot disk, and choose my “Mac Hd” i prefere to keep grub. The sleep trick doesn’t seem to work.

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So basically, I am not a fan of the x Posted March 10, The MacBook is a little slower leopafd dispalying photos or album art in iTunes but not ridiculously so. Hi, I’ve got a problem with my t43 Posted December 2, I also have a mid iMac 2.

In fact, I wish I hadn’t gone with it. To run on boot, add the sleepdisplayscript application to your applications run at login list.


Tapping should work now. Posted August 4, Jan 30, 9: Good luck, and I hope this works for you. Can anyone give the definitive truth on this? Trying to install Kalyway I do essentially the leppard kind of tasks you describe, and my MacBook the black one has no trouble at all. But I can select my resolutions etc. Sign up for a new account in our community.

Posted November 23, So, I’m at a loss. I don’t see too many ‘surprises’ except for some unexplained cracking recently.

Issue with X on T61 (Snow Leopard) – Thinkpads Forum

I probably will get something like the latest photoshop elements, which shouldn’t be a problem either. Posted July 17, Posted April 5, Register a new account. Have you repaired permissions after kext install?

Posted August 3, Still working on it, I’ll post here when I get it to work. I do the sleepdisplay trick and, to find the display screen, follow this.

Wish you guys best luck! Apr 27, 6: So follow the heart second-hand black or the brain new white?


Leopard driver install may hint at future MacBook plans

I consider iMovie to be low-end editing. If you have a Dell or other laptop that the LCD simply powers off when loginwindow. Can u suggest me the OS X Distro which is compatible for my xps m Like everyone else is saying, every day use it fine. I have run a lot of programs on here–some low-end leeopard, using bootcamp, photoshop, VM Fusion leopatd one has given me some trouble, but I believe this is a RAM issue ; What programs are you going to be running on the MacBook?