Jun 24, 3. The voltage at the mosfet drain will potentially be equal to the breakdown voltage of the mosfet, meaning the primary voltage will be hundred of volts now. The first one is particularly interesting to me; a dimmer and a capacitor in series with the coil – as simple as it gets. The operation of storing energy in the transformer before transferring to the output of the converter allows the topology to easily generate multiple outputs with little additional circuitry, although the output voltages have to be able to match each other through the turns ratio. However, this is not possible since the primary has significant inductance.

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Search Forums Recent Posts. This was before it was upgraded into manis Multipurpose Inverter. Simply take the HV lead and bring it near the pins on the bottom. N secondary voltage at the primary winding during Tdischarge, as per Fig3. A variation in primary-side sensing technology is where the output voltage and current are regulated by monitoring the waveforms in the auxiliary winding used to power the control IC itself, which have improved the accuracy of both voltage and current regulation.

This article includes a list of referencesbut its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations. All parts except the timer and mosfet are non-critical. If you’re over 40 you will need to confirm this with your kids.


This page was last edited on mqins Augustat Due to the large turns ratio of the flyback the few hundred volts at the primary become several thousand volts on the secondary. So, spring the ten or fifteen bucks for parts, slap one together, don’t kill yourself, and report back with your results.

Mains powered flyback driver for HV source? | Electronics Forums

The third consists of sampling the voltage amplitude on the primary side, during the discharge, referenced to the standing primary DC voltage. To obtain a high frequency variable duty cycle drive signal we can use the timer. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Flyback converters. For a different frequency range you can use a timer calculator or just experiment to find new capacitor and resistor values.

Mains powered flyback plwered for HV source? Use a timer tester circuit. For general use, 3 to 10 turns should be right for this driver.

Flyback Transformer Drivers

It is currently set to run between kHz, which should be a large enough range to sweep through any harmonics a flyback may have. Pictures Sparks at jains.

I can’t measure it, of course, but it’s clearly making shorter arcs. Jun 24, 2. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Try switching the primary leads, since the flyback is rectified by a single diode, which makes polarity is important.

Flyback converter

Website layout by Elinorand Eirik Taylor, All projects are for noncommercial use only. If you get a high pitched whine it’s alive. Flyback driver for Jacob’s Ladder? Previously, a measurement was taken across the whole of the flyback waveform which led to error, but it was realized that measurements at the so-called knee point when the secondary current posered zero, see Fig.


When driving for example a plasma lamp or a voltage multiplier the rectifying diode of the boost converter is left out and the device is called a flyback transformer.

Since some energy is avalanched in the mosfet, adequate heatsinking of the IRFP is required. What that means is that the mosfet is turned on by the timer, and current starts to flow through the primary winding. They are used for generating high voltage for the CRT, which is needed to create an electric field, which in turn accelerates electrons towards the screen, which finally excite phosphors and create the image you see.

The second is to wind a separate winding on the coil and rely on the cross regulation of the mzins. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Winding your own Primary I recommend winding your own primary for several reasons. This blurry picture is all I have to suggests that the arcs are green.