Try using this open source driver instead of the one that came with the CM The third part enables Domoticz to listen to commands that are send over the powerlines by X10 modules. I had looked at installing X10 in the past because of its cheap price, but never got around to do it. No registered users and 0 guests. Privacy policy About Domoticz Disclaimers. Actually the Plug’s form factor allows for a more central location and trying out various corners of the house in the first place with better X10 range at the unreasonably limited European TX power level than the PC.

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Finally, my ham radio hobby has occasionally caused problems for my X10 devices, although on the whole they fare better than some other electronics. If you enter the wrong code, a new image is created and you get another chance to enter it mafmitek. You can control X10 devices via a simple shell command from Cron, as well as from any accessible Linux machine, invoke local scripts and programs on the Plug via X10 commands, and query the status of a particular device remotely.

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Board index All times are UTC. You can also pre-set the CM15Pro for use in another house. Current time nowTimet localtime is: Help marmitdk BBcode help.


I already followed kenjon’s advice and ordered a Keyspan adapter, but, after reading the threads you noted, I may also give the Sweex cable a shot.

Also, if I remember correctly the cm15 has been successfully implemented. I’ll try to post some pointers on the setup and use of x10d. The second part of this page is to enable Domoticz to send X10 commands over the powerlines with the CM11a module. Maybe because I am on Intel. I’m marmiyek if someone got this cm15pro working in homeseer.

Retrieved from ” https: The CM15 works fine when connected directly to a PC or in standalone mode.

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Is there a simple set of instructions in one place on how to do it? Hopefully I will get some time over the weekend to catch up with doing something with my Vera. Google [Bot] Logout [ Google [Bot] ].

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We can use the json api to let Heyu send commands to Domoticz. In Europe, permissible transmit power for X10 on the mains is so limited indeed that CFL lighting, starters and switching PSUs become much of an obstacle to the signal, in particular until a low-frequency, unlike PLC networking phase coupler has been installed.

CM11 not connecting

But, all I get in the Event Log is: Target local-time adjust from GMT: Dec 04, Location: Please login or register. I’ll keep you posted on which one works best marmitei me incl. All output to use local timezone nogmt. Please add in domoticz the IP adres of your pi to the safe ip adresses that do not need to login.


Marmitek CM11-USB Network Card User Manual

Check out our YouTube training videos. And there is often a problem controlling a device on the other phase.

However, lots of things tend to interfere with X Error failed to initialize connection with CM11 — trying again Error failed to initialize connection with CM11 — trying again Error failed to initialize ,armitek with CM11 — trying again Error failed to establish connection with main interface.

Actually the apt-get install build-essential required for x10d. Once everything is set jsb to your wishes, you can enter this into the memory of the CM15Pro and turn off your computer.

Newer Topic Older Topic. Here are some forum threads that talk about it: Target mday set to: