So I am going to use these in my living room. To make the subwoofer more flexible, it houses a 70W plate amplifier, but can also be powered with an external amplifier. You currently have 0 signatures. You’re limited both is size and excursion in how much output you can get at any particular frequency. Let’s see what happens if we bring the box size down a bit. This subwoofer project uses an inexpensive driver which was available locally. A ported enclosure improves the low frequency response of the loudspeaker by using reflex ports to transmit the energy from the rear of the driver to the listener.

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Mach5audio MAW10 Yes, the green plot is vented. The response is not as flat as the previous iteration of the design, but the target resonance frequency has been obtained and the passband is smooth. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links.

I have one sitting in my garage waiting for me to build a ported enclosure for my wife vehicle. F3 is still 50Hz, but you can get down to 30Hz with only a -6dB drop till it plummets lower than that.

Jim’s MAW-10 DIY Subwoofer

Hi Mark, I take it you are Mach5 audio? Over all, this sub performs very well and it makes for a simple and inexpensive project. Mach5audio MAW10 Well, the thing I worry about is that you’re using this relatively small 10″ woofer to pound out sub 50Hz tones. Xmax is 10mm, nothing special these days. The driver has a rubber surround and houses a 2 inch voice coil with vented pole piece, wrapped in a 2.


At low frequencies, the vent contributes substantially to the output of the system. So fiddling with the Loudspeaker Wizard some more results in the image below.


It doesn’t need much power, it’s pretty smooth, and it’s easy to tell maw–10 you exceed the limits. That will bring output down to around 30Hz before steeply rolling off. Fiberglass Insulation for Damping. I’m more of a sq guy so I personally lean towards sealed designs in vehicles.

Help Designing a box for two MAW – Home Theater Forum and Systems –

His neighbor has a horse. Mach5audio MAW10 I’m curious, why are you crossing them so low?

My problem is I think the box is tuned to high for home use. To fill in the bottom end of my Sealed Bipole with Fostex FEEI decided to design and build a small subwoofer which would mate up with these fantastic sounding fullrange mqw-10. Mach5audio MAW10 Yeah, its difficult to judge though, since in car response may show differently.


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Anybody have any suggestions on what type of tuning and box design for these thank you for your time. She needs stroller space and the 2 Atlas’ she has now aren’t very accomodating.

Jim’s MAW DIY Subwoofer – DIY Audio Projects Photo Gallery

Front Baffle Photograph 04 below shows the assembled subwoofer enclosure prior to finishing. Runny nose, anal leakage, a reduction in supplied semin, and ear bleeding I’ve also enabled Hornresp’s “semi-inductance” feature, to simulate the impact that this has on the overall response of the system.

Add Thread to del. Help Designing a box for two MAW From the plot you can see that the actual box tuning with the stuffing and lined subwolfer is about 27Hz. I assume the green plot is the vented response? Yeah I always router edges and I might Kerfe the end of the port.