I t sduit by seeing in one block and a 4-octave keyboard more than 10 Controller noon, plus USB connectivity midiou. It seems like there’s a compatibility issue with win 10, my controller was working well under win 8. Official Representatives Dan R Employee. The faders also have the games and do not seem trs solid, against the potentiomtres are strong enough. Although the sliders and knobs used to work with Ableton Live, except for slider number 9 that was never recognized, they never worked in FL Studio or Protools.

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I was going to buy a midi to usb cable but it was very expensive. However the quality-General for the hardware, suffering the problem of low prices, is fairly average. If that’s you, it’s perfect, if for concerts buy a great brand, but it will be much more expensive!

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I hope this makes sense! USB and powered by the computer to limit the cables.

Is there anyone with a work around on this issue? I know that this is an old post but I want to quickly jump in. It is indeed not an instrument extremely robust.

If you can’t repair your usb port try to use the midi port. Going to see me and a test for the fatal hit Unplayable of this device permitted! OK money, even very good, even if I paid a little more expensive that the argus but very good condition, packaging, CD and cable, plus nice seller. I bought the MKC aprmidi and returns this to the store!


I really wouldn’t like to mess it up, original firmware is unavailable I think. The kk also have the games and do not seem trs solid, against the potentiomtres are strong enough.

M-Audio Evolution MK-449C Keyboard

The controllers are numerous which is a bliss, their use is clear, when handling a knob on the controller numro twelve o’clock and value are displayed on the screen which makes the Use comfortable, the mapping is instinctive and when using software such as self dtection flp or Reason is almost too simple. So be aware before buying this keyboard that not robust. The number of controller, c is the happiness in Reason 3 because it is recognized immediately -: O So, given my use so I referrer choice.

So i bought the mkc and i adapted it an aluminium neck and using the parts from the old keytar and realizing some internal connections in about a month i had a ready to use Diy Keytar I like the fact that is both: Usb for computer connection and has the Midi Out connection, besides it has many midi controllers, the sliders, knobs and buttons, and i can easy program how i like the sound to be, and also with other programs of course, at distance, without touch the computer keyboard i can send instructions to computer for when i want to start the song, change sounds and tracks, change effects on live presentation, etc.

Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. The connection is of extreme ease and even if the USB cable is a little short, it is recognized by Interacting with XP without drivers, and other OS CD provided is clear and full of utilities.


M-Audio Evolution MKC Keyboard | eBay

Hello Andrei, Thanks for posting! It’s in good working order, however I’m having a hard time with the knobs, sliders and especially the buttons at the left side, beneath the LCD. Here is the report qualitprix trs good, for a keyboard that is trs cool, despite its some default but even when !

Old Evolution MKC firmware? I looks as if that there’s wear and tear on the usb port, try to take it out and resolder properly. In addition, the controllers are not prcis trs. Federico Alberto June 05, Our members also liked: FT December 22, It seemed to work fine, the midi ports opened up in ableton9 and i was able to select it in preferences.

I went to test on my MacOS X Log in or Sign up. It’s always natir nog, but can not prciser my request for an opinion, I do it here. If you can buy that I’m sure it will work because that will have resent drivers. There are two manuals, a quick boot in English and one more advanced in French, I do not know why they did 44c9 put everything in the same language but it mo not serious trs The two are quite clear and sufficient.