The extension consists of the three fields after the device name: According to my documentation, for drivers which support more than one drive, the drive letter will indicate the first unit and each successive unit will be assigned the next-higher driver letter. Do you know where I might be able to get an online tutorial about a computer system’s booting-up “guts”, in terms of learning more about the autoexec. NCI” is specific to a particular drive. When the packet arrives from the client via NetBIOS, the command code and all subsequent bytes of the packet are treated as a byte slice and are shifted right one byte in the array. Here I am unsure if the same would apply.

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Several times, I was also getting a “general failure reading drive A: Perhaps they will work for msdcex. Once again each cd-rom folder varies so check with the users guide.

If you don’t get these messages, then the drivers are not installed. Thus, the strategy routine can be reduced to a return statement and the request-header address stored upon entry to the interrupt routine.

Sign up using Email and Password. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. As far as e-mail privacy goes, a free e-mail account from any number of services can be setup for msdcex one time use.

Now, I pop in the floppy disk, and it asks me where to download the drivers to. By using our site, you acknowledge that ,scdex have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. To ensure the needed cooperation, the calls to NetBIOS are all nonblocking calls and pauses are inserted at appropriate points in the various tasks. The executable file consists of approximately 3K of code and is divided into two parts: Possibly this should be moved to the retrocomputing stack exchange.


However, Meridian Software’s implementation the system we used of certain data structures makes interfacing to externally generated data streams difficult.

Novell’s NetBIOS defaults to handling a maximum of 12 outstanding commands and thus must be configured to handle additional commands. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. The time now is The command code is the discriminant that determines the variant-record description.

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The request header must be converted back to a packet before being returned to the cr via NetBIOS. Perhaps it’s a simple misconfiguration. When a session terminates, the session requeues itself with the scheduler.

DriveLetter is a read-only field for the driver and both it and Reserved should be initialized to 0. W return W; function “OR” left, right: The client can be loaded high with QEMM and can be unloaded. If you still encounter problems, attach to the other IDE port if your motherboard has one, or look on your favorite auction site for an ISA IDE adapter and see if you have better luck with that. Neither of those actions enabled the computer to boot into the prompt.


The drive is being powered correctly; it opens and closes as it should. Installation fails if the net name cannot be added to the NetBIOS name table for any reason except a duplicate name in the table.

Microsoft DOS mscdex command

I agree with the pause as the first line in the autoexec. The information is right, and is related to the topic of the CD driver, but the instructions provided are exactly what the kscdex is attempting to do, and so this answer doesn’t really help at all.

If you are concerned about a virus, simply save them to diskette and scan the diskette before running the installer.

When the packet arrives from the client via NetBIOS, the command code and all subsequent bytes of the packet are treated as a byte slice and are shifted right one byte in the array. Thanks anyway for your help! The Compaq is actually not at my place it will eventually belong to my brotherso I don’t have another computer handy to make a boot disk on.